• NECA monitors all federal legislation to make certain that it does not hinder the ability of member firms to operate efficiently and profitably.
  • The Electrical Construction Political Action Committee helps elect legislators who have your industry’s financial well-being in mind.
  • NECA serves a watchdog role in the formation of OSHA standards and publishes compliance guidance to help members work profitably, productively and legally.
  • NECA’s legislative action program means better laws so that you may have a chance to earn an honest profit with less government red tape and interference.
  • NECA monitors and reports on important court cases and legislation that impact the operations and finances of member firms.
  • We work with allied associations to help cut government red tape and promote the enactment of sensible regulations that you can live and prosper by.
  • As a charter member of the American Tort Reform Association, NECA seeks to remedy the ills of the civil justice systems that could threaten the electrical and line construction industry.
  • Our involvement in federal regulatory affairs includes publishing compliance assistance materials designed to keep members out of hot water and in business at a profit. NECA promotes such educational events as the ASC Legislative Conference to help keep members informed so they can work to effect good government.

OSHA Alliance

Safety Minutes

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