About the Association

The Southeastern Line Constructors Chapter, Inc. was chartered on January 16, 1956 and continues today to proudly offer resources and services to the outside electrical construction industry.

Southeastern Line Constructors provides it members with an effective agency through which to express their collective voice on issues affecting the outside line construction industry.

Southeastern Line serves it members through Labor Relations, Educational Services, Safety, Training, Government Affairs, Benefit Collections, and other services to enhance the member’s value.

Southeastern Line Constructors Chapter operates out of an office in Tyrone, Georgia under the direction of Chapter Executive Stephen Gaines.


The Chapters service area includes Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

The Board of Directors consists of five (5) active members who operate throughout the Chapter’s service area.


Collective Bargaining Agreements:
The Chapter administers agreements for Outside Line Construction including Distribution, Transmission, Substation and/or Switch Yards, Underground Distribution, communication and signal systems. In addition, the Chapter administers numerous project labor agreements in its service area.

The Chapter jointly sponsors the Southeastern Line Constructors Apprenticeship and Training Program.

Fund Administrator:
The Chapter payroll reporting system is an automated system through ePR.Live.

Chapter Meetings:
The annual Chapter Meeting is held during the fall months of each year, normally in November. The meeting is typically held in the Southern United States. The Chapter strongly promotes family participation at these meetings.

The Chapter has trustees on two national funds: Line Construction Benefit Fund (LINECO) and Southern Electrical Pension Fund (Pension for all agreements in Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina areas).

Safety Meetings:
The Southeastern Line OSHA Safety Alliance Meeting is held up to four (4) times a year. Local safety committees are held as needed to in the states of Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Government Affairs:
The Chapter participates in annual legislative conferences that assists our members with legislation issues that affect our members work in the Southern States.

Directors, Officers and Governor

Board of Directors
Bill Green – The L.E. Myers Company
Jody Shea – Service Electric Company
Chris Whitely – New River Electric Corp
Jesse Colley – C and C Powerline
Brian Imsand – Service Electric Company

Bill Green – President
Chris Whitely – Vice President
Brian Imsand – Treasurer
Jesse Colley – Governor

Chapter Staff

Stephen Gaines – Chapter Executive
Rhonda O’Rourke – Account/ePR.Live Admin
Cayla Duren – Executive Assistant